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Easy External File Sharing With Anyone
Anywhere With O365

e-Share picks up where O365 leaves off, providing simple, secure and on-brand external file sharing with external parties

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The necessity to share sensitive information and collaborate with clients, suppliers and partners has never been more critical. And though most organizations have deployed O365, most are still using Box, Dropbox, ShareFile, SFTP or some other point solution for their external file sharing.
With e-Share, organizations can retire these costly and complex point solutions, moving their users and use cases onto O365. This makes sweeping digital transformation of file-based workflows practical through secure, collaborative sharing of essential sensitive data with customers, suppliers and partners.
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No Copying of Files In Order to Share Them

e-Share natively uses your existing cloud file storage for all file storage: OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Box, Dropbox & Google Drive.  This eliminates the copying of files into yet-another-storage-system that introduces version confusion, necessitates additional security and auditing, and complicates data discovery, retention and legal hold processes.

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Share the Way You Already Work

Share the Way You Already Work

Users can share files using the Teams, Outlook and Office apps and workflows they are already familiar with. This improves user productivity, creates instant time-to-value, and nearly eliminates change management. It also allows users to self-serve more of their file sharing needs, e.g. large and bulk file sharing otherwise done via SFTP.

Strengthen Your Brand Reputation

Your reputation and trust relationship with your customers, partners and suppliers is all important. Strengthen both by presenting a totally branded UX. This also eliminates the recipient link blocking that is common with Box, Dropbox, Google…and Microsoft…when sharing files into highly security conscious organizations and with parties in China.

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Unique Features for External File Sharing

e-Share was purpose built for external file sharing, with features not combined elsewhere. For example, files can be shared on-demand into your organization with a user-specific link, recipients can be allowed to invite others to access a shared file or join a Virtual Data Room, and a shared folder or VDR can be managed by multiple persons.

Build Upon Your Existing Security Policies

Whether Azure AD security groups, Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) sensitivity labels, SharePoint site labels, or 3rd party DLP systems, e-Share consumes your existing policies and integrates with your existing DLP tools so that sensitive files are only shared with approved parties with the least privileges to meet the business need.

Build Upon Your Existing Security Policies

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