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Easy External File Sharing With Anyone
Anywhere With O365

e-Share picks up where O365 leaves off, providing simple, secure and on-brand external file sharing with external parties

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The necessity to share sensitive information and collaborate with clients, suppliers and partners has never been more critical. And though most organizations have deployed O365, most are still using Box, Dropbox, ShareFile, SFTP or some other point solution for their external file sharing.
With e-Share, organizations can retire these costly and complex point solutions, moving their users and use cases onto O365. This makes sweeping digital transformation of file-based workflows practical through secure, collaborative sharing of essential sensitive data with customers, suppliers and partners.
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Unlike point solutions, e-Share:

As an extension to O365, e-Share:


Increased Productivity

Users can share files using the existing O365 tools & workflows they use today. This allows users to self-serve more of their file sharing needs, reducing their dependency on IT. And a robust API allows eDeliver and eCollection of files, streamlining workflows.

Better Data Governance

Because users can share files from their OneDrive & SharePoint Online, there is no copying of files in order to share them. Data duplication is eliminated, versioning is made easy, and eDiscovery and other tasks are greatly simplified.

Reduced 3rd Party Data Risk

Link-based (and AIP label driven) file sharing allows information to be shared without having to give files away. The business need to share files will be met, but the files you share will not reside in the email and file system of the recipient, exposed to hacking.

100% Custom Branding

The entire recipient experience is branded, including the use of your subdomain for links. This enhances your trust relationship with your clients, partners and suppliers, promotes your brand and prevents the recipient link blocking that may otherwise occur with ODB/SPO.

Lower IT Costs

Point solutions (e.g. Box & SFTP) that pre-date the deployment of O365 can be eliminated, reducing IT operational costs and software subscription fees. Your investment in O365 yields greater value and your IT portfolio is streamlined.

Single Audit Log for All External Sharing

Though our clients do the majority of their external file sharing via e-Share, some file sharing may be done via SharePoint with strategic partners. For this reason, e-Share’s reporting & data analytics include any native file sharing from SharePoint Online.

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