Ken Venner Appointed e-Share President & Chief Product Officer

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Former SpaceX CIO and Broadcom executive Ken Venner joins external file sharing & content collaboration technology innovator e-Share as President and Chief Product Officer.

Boston, Massachusetts 18 August 2020

Former SpaceX CIO and Broadcom executive Ken Venner joins external file sharing & content collaboration technology innovator e-Share as President and Chief Product Officer. The announcement was made by Nicholas Stamos, CEO.

Venner has extensive industry experience spanning over 30 years serving in senior executive roles for high tech organizations including SpaceX, Broadcom, Rockwell and Nokia. e-Share is focused on providing External File Sharing and Content Collaboration services to the Fortune 2000. Customers include Healthcare Insurers, Financial Institutions, Federal Government Agencies, Manufacturers, Pharmas and Retailers. Venner will help guide the company’s growth in these segments.

Before joining e-Share, Ken and the SpaceX IT team built the “digital nervous” system that powered the hyper-growth of SpaceX. Delivering technology enabled business solutions, Ken’s team enabled the company to scale its custom manufacturing and rocket launch capabilities from one vehicle per year to 20+. Before SpaceX Ken spent 12 years scaling Broadcom from $400M in revenue to $8.6B as their CIO and SVP of Corporate Services. At SpaceX and Broadcom, Ken had responsibility for IT strategy, planning and cybersecurity for both corporate and customer initiatives with a focus of making “IT Like Air”. He oversaw enterprise wide infrastructure architecture and standardization, integration, business transformation and the development of enterprise application solutions.

“As a member of e-Share’s executive management team, Ken’s information technology, business process and cybersecurity experience will help drive current and future product development and delivery with a clear focus on highly-secure and more productive file sharing and content collaboration with external parties. His innovative thinking and vision will inform our strategic direction, helping us increase the market share and profitability of e-Share,” said Stamos.

Ken’s track record of scaling organizations and building simple to use technology solutions that streamline organizations will power e-Share’s plans for massive growth. He will also be instrumental in expanding the company’s operations, development and implementation delivery teams.

“I’m very excited to join the e-Share team. As a founding investor, and an active user of their product, I am thrilled to be working with the team to drive the future direction of our offering. In these challenging times, the need for a secure, easy to use collaboration solution, that enables companies to share information in a compliant way with customers, suppliers and business partners, puts e-Share in a perfect position to deliver highly differentiated solutions to the market.” said Venner.

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Extend Your File Sharing and Content Collaboration to Include 3rd Parties

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The individuals you share files with outside of your organization are seldom the only ones who require access in order to meet the business need for sharing the file in the first place.

For example:

  • a supplier to whom you’ve sent and RFP may need to pull in a product manager in order to respond,
  • a private wealth client with whom you’ve shared a statement may want their accountant to have access to the same file for tax purposes, and
  • an R&D partner to whom you’ve sent a Joint Venture agreement will almost certainly need their legal counsel to review the contract.

When the need to re-share files arises, you and the outside party have options, but all come with significant drawbacks.

The recipient of a shared file could download the file (assuming you allow this) and pass this onto the other party. But if online editing and co-authoring of the document was your intent, the other party can’t participate.

The recipient could reach out to you and ask you to send the file to the other party or add them to the list of persons authorized to access the shared file, but this is a hassle for both of you and will take some time to coordinate.

But why not allow the recipient of a shared file to assign their rights to access the file to a 3rd party?

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With e-Share this can be easily done, either on a policy-basis or a case-by-case basis. And you can optionally require the data owner’s approval for this re-sharing. Better still, you can require this approval:

  • never…all re-sharing is automatically approved,
  • in all cases…all re-sharing must be approved, or
  • only when the additional recipient is not within the same organization as the original recipient.

There are many advantages to allowing 3rd parties to participate in a collaboration.

  • it’s productive for all involved,
  • it encourages more file sharing via links (versus email attachment), and
  • it reduces the need for downloads, eliminating data duplication and versioning issues and improving data protection.

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