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Happy Data Privacy Day! Celebrate By Protecting Employee Data!

Happy Data Privacy Day!

It’s a great opportunity to take a step back from worrying about cybercrime, tipping points, and the reality of operating in a world with almost daily data breaches and talk about one of the best reasons companies share sensitive internal information: enabling training, development and reward programs for employees.

When these programs go right, they make for great culture, sticky employment, and high quality, authentic company ratings. Who doesn’t like learning new things??

The challenge is that these programs usually require the exchange of employee data with the vendor providing the training and related services. That’s risky… losing control of sensitive company data is bad enough; when it’s employee data, the cost can be astronomical:

Your employees may never forgive you. Fines, resignations and asymmetric reputation damage are all real possibilities.

While HR professionals are likely to have received significant training on information security, the vast majority is focused on protecting the data – not on enabling use outside the perimeter.

Equally challenging is the reality that most HR tools are not intended for external collaboration. They tend to be locked-down, with unusual internal formats and few options for exporting data. This is likely for the best, since they aren’t integrated with sharing solutions that can protect the data. But the net result is that many HR projects requiring secure external collaboration languish on the IT project list, waiting for solution to make it easy. Or just possible.

Today, HR leaders can take full opportunity of Data Privacy Day to call on their company leadership for more budget and support to deploy integrated sharing and collaboration solutions that enable safe participation in employee growth programs. Solutions like e-Share’s Trusted Sharing provide fine-grained controls over what is shared, and how the recipient can consume it.

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They can be easily integrate with most any existing system using our RESTful APIs.

HR leaders, please sign up for a demo to see how quickly and easily these products can be deployed for your organization.

And please, let us know what other steps you may be taking to help enable employee growth programs by commenting below!

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