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Initiating Your External File Sharing & Content Collaboration from Within Microsoft Office Apps

e-Share’s Add-in for Microsoft Office allows users to initiate their external file sharing and collaboration from within the apps they use to create most of their shared content…Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This improves productivity by eliminating the task and app switching that would otherwise be required to share newly created content.

Digital Transformation at the Micro Level

Organizations are increasingly looking to optimize their business processes and use digital technologies to transform their business to achieve better outcomes for clients, employees and shareholders. With the e-Share Add-in for Microsoft Office Apps, this transformation can extend down to the individual user and document level, to the time and place that content is created within Microsoft Office and the business need to share new content emerges.

Sharing at the Time & Place of Content Creation

The add-in allows users to create a “Trusted Share” from within Word, Excel and PowerPoint that contains the document being newly created. The Trusted Share is made available to recipients, both inside and outside of your organizations, with access and usage rights determined by the selected sharing policy.

e-Share - share policy

These policies are defined by your organization and can include a wide range of controls…e.g. view, edit, co-author, download, watermark, expiration, share with others, and authentication. Because Trusted Shares are a collaboration object, not merely a pointer to a shared file, recipients can optionally upload files into a Trusted Share…e.g. perhaps a counter proposal to a shared document.

Easy & Highly Collaborative File Sharing

As with all Trusted Shares created through the use of e-Share, the recipient receives a notification of the Trusted Share and, once accessed via the provided link, sees a fully branded file sharing and virtual data room portal. The entire experience is branded per the needs of e-Share’s clients…their logo, colors, and terms of use. Even the URL for the portal and all file links use a subdomain and associated certificate belonging to our client (i.e.

e-Share - share policy

This 100% white labeling capability promotes the brand of our client’s, instills trust, addresses recipient phishing concerns and prevents the link blocking common to file sharing directly from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and SharePoint.

And with our optional Secure Conversations capability, the recipient can message the owner of the Trusted Share, perhaps acknowledging receipt or providing a requested approval.

The Trusted Share owner can see any replies from recipients within the Add-in and optionally reply. They can also open the Trusted Share associated with the shared document to change sharing options, expire the share, add/remove recipients, add additional documents, view any files uploaded by the recipient, and generally manage the Trusted Share.

e-Share - share policy

How do I get the add-in?

The Add-in for Microsoft Office is a user or organization installed extension to Microsoft applications that is available from the Microsoft Store. Once added to Word, Excel or PowerPoint, either in Office Online or Desktop app, it will be available across all instances of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, accessed from the toolbar ribbon.

e-Share - MS Office toolbar ribon

Share the Way You Work

e-Share’s Add-in for Office, coupled with the existing Add-in for Outlook and Bot for Teams, allows users to share files with external parties using whatever workflow they are most comfortable with. In all cases this sharing is performed using a common set of org-defined sharing policies that meet the collaboration needs of the business while assuring compliance with the organization’s data protection and governance policies.

A fuller description of the e-Share platform for external file sharing and content collaboration can be found on our site.

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