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Three Simple Questions

Let’s go back to basics today, with three simple questions for large/regulated enterprise users:

1. Have you deployed Office 365 and OneDrive, or GSuite and Google Drive?
2. Have you disabled external sharing features?
3. Do you still have users who need to share and collaborate using files, with external recipients?

If the answer to all three of these questions is “yes”, you’re on-track using the cloud to transform your business. And you’ve discovered the “external sharing” problem.

e-Share - Timeline

Good news! e-Share has the solution, including deep integration with your cloud file storage system and productivity applications, fine-grained sharing options so you can say “yes” to secure, external collaboration – and is 100% enterprise ready.

We can deploy it for you in a matter of days or weeks.

Schedule a demo to see for yourself, anytime.

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