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Successful, experienced and customer-focused

e-Share was founded in 2012 as nCrypted Cloud to provide highly-secure external file sharing solutions built upon already existing cloud file sharing services. Though the company initially focused on the consumer market, it quickly became clear that Microsoft, Box, Dropbox and Google were not fully meeting the needs of enterprises who wanted to use their cloud file storage and sharing services to share regulated and proprietary data with clients, partners, suppliers and other outside parties. Re-branded as e-Share in 2017, we are solely focused on meeting the external file sharing and content collaboration needs of medium to large sized enterprises.

e-Share Management Team - Nick Stamos

Nick Stamos, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nick is a serial entrepreneur with a particular focus on security and compliance related solutions. Nick has raised more than $50M and created over $1B in shareholder value. Previous ventures include Digital Guardian and Phase Forward (now owned by Oracle.)

Jim DeSanti, Chief Growth Officer

Jim has demonstrated success in driving global market share and managing P&L in excess of $100M, while creating over $1B in market cap. His experience spans commercial, operations and software development activities within the pharmaceutical, healthcare and software industries.

e-Share Management Team - Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy, Chief Operating Officer

Tom has been spent the last twenty years as a senior member of several startups including Lycos and Litle and Company. Tom has focused on the initial growth phase of these ventures and their successful transition from startup to established venture and expansion.
e-Share Management Team - Chakra Bokkisam

Chakra Bokkisam, VP Customer Success

Chakra has over 18 years of client service leadership experience building and leading Professional Services and Customer Success organizations. At e-Share, Chakra is responsible for all aspects of enablement and implementation services, training, support and customer advocacy across e-Share’s Fortune 2000 customer footprint. Chakra has previously held leadership positions at Optiv and Digital Guardian.​
e-Share Management Team - Bill Fletcher

Bill Fletcher, VP Sales & Marketing

Bill has held sales and marketing leadership positions within startups in the semiconductor, digital marketing and information security markets, often times being the startup’s first business development person. Previous ventures include Equate Analytics, Cogo Labs, Digital Guardian, Cadence, LSI Logic and Hewlett Packard.
e-Share Management Team - Tom Smolinsky

Tom Smolinsky, Chief Information Security Officer

Tom brings to e-share a passion for developing and delivering robust and secure technology strategies, from internal I.T. to commercial SaaS and Cloud operations, to some of the most highly regulated market sectors including financial services, life sciences and healthcare. Tom has had CISO, CIO and senior security and technology leadership roles for Orion Health, NantHealth, NaviNet and PhaseForward.

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