• Governance and Compliance

    e-Share.us | Governance and Compliance details on how the e-Share secure external collaboration platform makes it possible to have centralized visibility into activity and risk along with policy based controls over sharing

    If cybercrime and insider threats aren't sufficient to scare you away from the cloud, the reality that the pace and complexity of regulation is at an all-time high may. And even for companies in minimally regulated industries, the combination of ubiquitous social media and rising structural costs of litigation have never made breaches a deadly threat to any company.


    And, in the journey to cloud, a very common stage is having multiple cloud file storage systems. Information fragmentation is bad enough inside the enterprise, where disparate systems and the divide between structured and unstructured information make it hard to find anything, let alone connect the dots to answer business questions. Add cloud storage, cloud services that accept (and store) documents and conversations, and you've got a truly distributed governance challenge.


    From the IT security perspective, distributed data makes it hard to answer essential questions like:

    • What are the top 10 domains we share files with?
    • What type of data are they receiving? What regulation may apply?
    • Under what policy or policies are they receiving this data? Are they being informed?
    • Do they have copies of the files?

    The good news is that cloud file proliferation is not intractable. The key is to adopt a management process that measures and supports hybrid, multi-cloud realities - surfacing and quantifying risk, providing the controls to mitigate that risk, and ensuring visibility across the document life-cycle.

    Information Governance

    e-Share.us | Governance and Compliance | Screen shot of risk report showing geo graphic dispersion of recipients

    Information Governance (IG) can be applied to cloud storage and services in general, with the following goals:

    1. Visibility into the activity and associated risk

    2. Control over the activity, both automated (pro-active) and manual (retrospective)

    3. Centralized management of policies and storage


    To implement an IG approach, start by identifying the business questions you want to answer, and the associated metrics used to measure each. Once you are able to report on these metrics you can use an agile (or "iterative") approach to implement a standard implementation cycle.

    e-Share.us | Governance and Compliance | diagram showing cycle of planning, measurement, analyzing, and remediation

    Briefly, the key activities for each phase are:

    • Measuring: unifying activity, audit and application logs, along with user and content metadata
    • Analyzing: looking at trends in metrics over a control period to discover patterns, identify new and improved metrics to answer business questions, and document areas where more data is required 
    • Remediation: updating tracking and reporting systems to improve precision, 

    The IG process can start by answering core questions that are similar in most respects to the IT security questions noted earlier. They may now include more detailed metrics like:

    • How many files do we have in the cloud? In how many providers? Across how many users?
    • How many policies are used to govern these sharing activities? In how many systems are they maintained?
    • How many systems do we have to change to enact a rule about sharing with third parties?
    • How long would it take to make that change?

    Some detailed questions may require functional modeling - for example, to answer detailed questions about how policies are implemented:

    • Are we requiring encryption at rest for these files? How are keys exchanged? Terminated or expired?
    • Whose encryption is being used? Can we recover the data if the user's key is lost?
    • Do we have to coordinate with the vendor to recover our data?

      Instant, Automatic Governance for Multi-Cloud File Storage

        Gain a true unified view of file storage and sharing, across your cloud providers. Locate any access to any object, including sharing, uploading and deletion. Extract this data to your local Splunk or cloud-based Data Lake for deeper analysis. Deploy fearlessly with out-of-the-box support for all existing enterprise eDiscovery, compliance and retention systems for both messages and files.
        e-Share.us | Governance and Compliance | Screen shot of search options for unified audit log

        Manage Single Sign On (SSO) and Automatic Provisioning of Storage. Optionally override the storage provider's policies - for example requiring encryption by the provider or using e-Share's state-of-the art recoverable encryption and key management system, or require use of Secure Mail for sharing.

        e-Share.us | Governance and Compliance | Screen shot of options for single sign on (SSO) and auto provisioning of cloud file storage services like OneDrive Dropbox and Box


        Take complete control of corporate information and devices. Define how corporate information is secured, shared -even edited or versioned. Configure access to third party integrations like Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.


        e-Share.us | Governance and Compliance | Screen shot of corporate policy options


        See The Extended Corporate Perimeter. Manage content and policies on any device receiving your information. Know for sure that your policies are being followed. Take immediate action when necessary.


        e-Share.us | Governance and Compliance | Screen shot of Device management options

        Centralized Policies & Controls

        Define, deploy and enforce policies on all corporate data, across all cloud providers. Optionally, allow users to override settings, within limits you define. Use our unparalleled fine grained sharing options to secure data as appropriate to the mission.


        e-Share.us | Governance and Compliance | Screen shot of policy editing


        View all actions across all providers in our unified activity log. Quickly identify areas of risk, and update policies or restrict device access as needed. Verify compliance with tracking IDs and other corporate policies.


        e-Share.us | Governance and Compliance | Screen shot of unified audit trail showing all files and actions across all cloud file storage providers

        Uniform External Collaboration

        The power of e-Share's platform is the uniform access to external sharing capability. Regardless of the tools your users choose - from the web, to the their favorite desktop operating system or mobile OS, to Office 365, GSuite, Microsoft Teams or Slack - they will respect corporate information and device policies.
        e-Share.us | Governance and Compliance | Screen shot of Office 365 being used to compose secure mail with view only policy

        Fully Compliant Storage & Sharing

        Using the e-Share platform with OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive or Box enables you to store and share PCI, PII, ITAR, DFAR, GDPR and HIPAA regulated data in the cloud, in full compliance with industry and government best practices.


        HIPAA & PHI


        Electronic medical records

        Medical & insurance enrollment

        Medical Test results

        Clinical trial information

        External Sharing Policy


        Login required

        Expires in 8 hours

        All access audited

        GDPR, PII, PCI

        Customer lists

        Activity logs

        Financial statements

        Utility bills


        View or edit online only

        Option to respond securely

        Access code or login required

        Expires in 2-14 days

        All access audited

        ITAR, DFAR

        Manufacturing data

        Test output

        Technical support information

        Training material

        View or edit online only

        Watermark for download

        Empowered official login required

        Expires after one access

        All access audited

        e-Share will sign the US HHS BAA without major modifications for any client using our default configuration. This ensures that sensitive information is never accessible to underlying cloud file storage provider administrators or e-Share employees.


        Compare the HHS version with the one offered by your cloud file storage vendor: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive. In particular, you are required to "configure" and "enforce policies" -- such as disabling guest access, and not sharing copies without requiring signup -- that their products may not actually support without third party services.


        e-Share products are configured by default to ensure centralized, compliant storage. When further sharing HIPAA regulated data with external recipients who do not have a BAA, access is restricted to view-only with login required by recipients as noted in the table above.


        Download our HIPAA Compliance White Paper for more information.

        PII and PCI Data

        Using e-Share's encryption and key management ensures that PII and PCI data is never accessible to cloud storage providers or e-Share employees. To share externally, use a view-only or edit-online-only policy, with no download or copy/pasting permitted. Refer to the table above for more details.

        ITAR & DFAR Data

        Deliver sensitive defense related data securely and compliantly using the cloud. Require empowered officials and recipients to login for view-only access, or watermark with the recipient's email and IP address for download. Our encryption and key management protects your data so it can't be accessed by cloud file storage administrators or e-Share employees.


        Download our ITAR Compliance Whitepaper for more information.

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