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Podcast – What Is Your Microsoft O365 Data Protection Strategy?

An Interview with Nick Stamos and Mitch Greenfield, Humana’s Director of Core Security Architecture
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Podcast Episode Description

When enterprises move from a no-cloud to a cloud-first model, they quickly experience security problems with externally sharing files and collaborating with clients, partners, and other third parties. Since nearly everyone has adopted cloud-based collaboration and sharing tools in some form like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint Online, securing these tools and extending them to support external collaboration efforts has become a top-of-mind issue.

Listen to the Founder and CEO of e-Share, Nicholas Stamos, and the Director of Core Security Architecture for Humana, Mitchell Greenfield, explain how you can secure your data in your transition to cloud based collaboration tools right here on Episode #156 of Task Force 7 Radio.

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