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OpenID Support


OpenID Connect is an authentication protocol, built on top of Oath 2.0, that can be used to securely sign users in to web applications. e-Share has implemented OpenID Connect and developed integrations with Microsoft, Google and Yahoo to allow recipients of Trusted Shares to be authenticated by these email service providers via their associated identity platforms. This eliminates the need for the recipient to create and maintain a password with e-Share in order to access Trusted Shares where authentication is required.


OpenID-based authentication of recipients provides benefits for all stakeholders:

Supported Email Domains

e-Share’s support for OpenID Connect includes support for the following email domains.




Commercial Domains

Most commercial domains are using Microsoft, Google or Verizon/Yahoo as their email service provider and many of these are also using these vendors as their ID provider. In these cases e-Share’s support for OpenID Connect extends to these commercial domains, but only when the domain’s MX record contains an entry for the provider that leaves no ambiguity as whether e-Share can authenticate the user via OpenID. For example,, the domain used by e-Share, is associated with an O365 account where Microsoft is both the email and ID provider. The MX record for e-Share substantiates this (e.g.


e-Share’s support for OpenID Connect and integrations with Microsoft, Google and Verizon/Yahoo greatly reduces the friction to collaboration and improves the user experience for all involved. It allows organizations to require authentication of recipients in all cases to access shared files, without impacting the productivity of users.

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