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Better together, making file sharing easier and more secure

Extract More Value from Google Drive

e-Share integrates with the cloud file storage you have already have in use. This provides organizations a single pane-of-glass for all of their external file sharing, no matter where the files are stored. And because e-Share provides no storage of its own, all shared files are always and only stored within your cloud file storage. e-Share’s support for Google Drive extends to Google Team Drive.

Cloud providers

Promote Your Brand and Trust Relationships

Many organizations are seeking ways to promote their brand and trust relationship with clients, suppliers and partners. This extends to their file sharing, where a 100% branded experience can be presented by e-Share. In addition to promoting and organization’s brand, this branding addresses phishing concerns and prevents the link blocking that can otherwise occur with Google Drive.

Improved Collaboration with Those Using O365

Sharing files between Google Workspace and Microsoft O365 organizations is challenging. With e-Share O365 recipients can view online the Google Docs shared with them, without having to have a Google account/subscription. And your Google Workspace users can view and even edit the Microsoft Office documents shared with them, without needing a Microsoft account/subscription.

Secure Email

Send Secure Email Using Gmail

e-Share integrates with Gmail, allowing you to create Secure Emails from any email sent via Gmail. The email body and/or email attachment can be securely delivered to the recipient, with a wide range of controls over email attachments (e.g., view only). Secure Emails can be triggered via Gmail DLP or any other DLP system in use. Unique to e-Share is the ability to protect only the attachment to the email, allowing the recipient to see the message body within their inbox.

Integration with Google SAML and OpenID

Authenticating users is easy with e-Share. Internal users can be authenticated via Google SAML, while recipients who have Google provided email addresses can authenticate to access shared files via e-Share’s existing integration with Google OpenID.

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