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Leveraging your existing collaboration tools & workflows
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Overview – Native Integration with Your Existing Cloud File Storage

e-Share’s platform provides no file storage and stores none of your data. We’ve opted instead to natively use your existing cloud file storage — OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Dropbox, Box, and/or Google Drive — for all file storage, accessing this on behalf of your users using published APIs. This architecture eliminates the need to copy files in order to share them, improving user productivity and enhancing data governance and version management. It also significantly reduces IT costs. And because we support all of the market leading cloud file storage providers, we can provide a single-pane-of-glass for all external file sharing for those organizations with heterogeneous cloud file storage environments.

The e-Share platform has been architected and implemented to meet the performance, availability, confidentiality and security requirements of the most demanding organizations. Evidence of this lies with our many Fortune 100 and U.S. Government clients and our AICPA SOC 2 certification.

Collaboration Server

The e-Share Collaboration Server provides web-based file sharing for your internal users, supports all administrative functions, and provides a branded web portal to recipients for accessing shared files. It is entirely SaaS-based, provisioned out of Microsoft Azure for our commercial clients or Azure Government for customers who qualify. The e-Share Collaboration Server can also be licensed for deployment to your Azure Stack, for those requiring a single-tenant, private-cloud implementation of our platform.

The collaboration server also performs any needed validation and transformation of uploaded files. For example, required fields in an Excel file can validated, including a check that the data is properly formatted (e.g., member number, data, etc.). Additionally, validated files and their contents can be transformed into a type and layout that is expected of back-end applications. This, coupled with our REST API, allows file-based workflows involving external parties to be entirely automated. To learn more about eCollection, eValidation and eTransformation with e-Share please read our success story.

Secure Mail Gateway

e-Share’s Secure Mail Gateway is a SaaS-based MTA that protects the body and/or attachments of emails containing sensitive content. Unlike traditional secure email products, it can protect attachments independent of the email body, replacing them with links and storing the attachment(s) in the sender’s cloud file storage (e.g. OneDrive). Org-defined file sharing policies, applied using subject line keywords, DLP X headers or via the use of our Outlook Add-In, allow fine-grained controls to be applied to the email, especially the attachments, which are replaced with links and stored in the user’s cloud file storage. To learn more about secure email with e-Share, please read our success story or watch our 5 min virtual demo.

Outlook Add-In

Users can share files using the e-Share Web Portal via their browser of choice or via email attachment using our Add-In for Outlook. e-Share works the way your users work. To see the various ways in which files can be externally shared with e-Share, please view our virtual demo.

Reporting & Data Visualization

e-Share has embraced Microsoft Power BI to deliver dashboards and drill down reports that present a variety of views into the e-Share audit data. These reports are hosted in e-Share’s Power BI workspace, running in Microsoft Azure, and published for secure access by our clients using their Power BI license. They consist of a high-level view, showing the number of users, number of trusted shares, most active users and the most common recipients, and a more detailed report, showing user activity at the Trusted Share level. The reports allow dynamic drill downs and filtering to fully understand how external file sharing is occurring within the organization. A fuller description of our reporting can be found in our blog post.

Reporting & Data Visualization
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We provide robust APIs that allow you to accelerate the digital transformation of your file-based workflows, integrating e-Share with your enterprise applications and web forms. And emails generated by applications can be routed to the Secure Mail Gateway using SMTP for processing as secure emails. This code-less integration of e-Share with your enterprise applications can be quickly deployed.

Contact us with any questions or to learn about e-Share products & services