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Uses Your Existing Cloud File Storage & Collaboration Tools

By using your existing cloud file storage for all external file sharing there is no copying of files in order to share them, allowing you to fully benefit from the data management and versioning capabilities native to your cloud file storage. And an Add-in for Outlook and a Bot for Teams allows users to share files using familiar tools and workflows, including the sharing of files via email (attachments are replaced with a link and stored in your cloud file storage).
e-Share - Features
e-Share - Features

Provides a Fully Branded Recipient Experience

Every file link, web page and notification uses your subdomain, certificate, logo, colors, email addresses and terms of use so that recipients know it’s safe to share and collaborate with you. This also prevents the link blocking that otherwise occurs with your cloud file storage…especially when sharing files into highly-regulated businesses or into China.

Allows Fine-Grained Control Over Shared Files

Sharing with external parties requires finer grained controls than natively provided by your cloud storage provider. For example, online editing, but with no download rights, and dynamic watermarking of viewed & downloaded files.

These rights can be rolled up into org-defined file sharing policies that make it easy for users to comply with your data protection polices, meeting the business need to share files while not oversharing. You can optionally allow your users to override your default selections.

Note how recipients can invite others to access files shared with them. More on this below.

e-Share - Features
e-Share - Features

Extends Your Collaborations to Include 3rd Parties

The individuals you share files with are often not the only ones who require access in order to meet the business need in sharing the file. For example, a business leader to whom you send an agreement may need to pull in their contracts manager. Or a private wealth client with whom you’ve shared a statement may want their accountant to have access to the same file. You can allow this re-sharing of files with no approval required of the data owner, with approval required in all cases, or with approval required only when the 3rd party is in another organization (i.e. different from the original recipient’s organization).

Enables Secure File Sharing Into Your Organization

Files need to be shared into your organization as well. Share With Me allows outside parties to share files with your users on-demand, using your cloud file storage to receive these files. This is necessary when outside parties need to share files that are too large or too sensitive for email, or if your organization blocks incoming file sharing links, as many organizations do.
e-Share - Features
e-Share - Features

Provides Integrated Messaging & Annotations

Secure Conversations allows collaborators to exchange messages and comment on shared files. In many cases this communication is every bit as sensitive as the shared files and best kept outside of an email exchange. And having this exchange bound to shared documents increases the relevancy of the comments and provides useful context. Secure Conversations can be limited to a single recipient and the data owner, or opened up to all collaborators.

Embraces Your Number One Collaboration Tool...Email

There’s no need to fight your user’s instinct to initiate their collaborations with an email. Attachments can be converted into a link to a virtual data room that is automatically created to contain the attachment(s) and optionally allow for recipient uploads. Our Add-in for Outlook, mail flow rules in Exchange or GSuite, or your network DLP can trigger secure emails, protecting only the attachments, or additionally the email body.
e-Share - Features
e-Share - Features

File Sharing at the Time and Place of Content Creation

Our Add-in for Microsoft Office allows users to initiate their external file sharing and collaboration from within the apps they use to create most of their shared content…Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This improves productivity by eliminating the task and app switching that would otherwise be required to share newly created content.

Powerful Reporting, Including Email Campaign Analytics

We provide a wide-range of reporting and analytics to help you understand what files are being shared with whom and how shared files are being used by recipients. Because our platform is often used to share files that are common to a large number of recipients, we also provide campaign-level reporting and analytics. Our logging and tracking capabilities include how long a recipient spends viewing each page of a shared document, allowing user engagement with the shared file to be analyzed.
e-Share - Features
e-Share - Features

Recipients Don't Require Yet-Another-Password

Our support for OpenID Connect allows recipients to be authenticated using the ID provider associated with their email address. This eliminates the need for recipients to manage (and likely forget) a password to access your shared files. This greatly reduces the friction to your collaborations.

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