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Webinar - Secure Collaboration Begins with Secure Email

Existing secure email solutions have been relegated to a compliance-only role, seldom used to protect IP and never used to initiate a collaboration with a client, partner or supplier. The culprits are a poor user experience, especially for recipients; no ability to provide controls over attachments; and no content collaboration features of any kind. Learn how the CISOs of Humana and Refinitiv are addressing these challenges and expanding the role of secure email to cover external file sharing and content collaboration use cases.

Webinar - Tapping the Hidden Value in O365 for Secure External File Sharing

Now that most companies have largely shifted to remote work environments, leadership teams must consider how best to maintain and—better still—accelerate their collaborations with business partners and customers. But most have disabled external file sharing using OneDrive, SharePoint Online and Teams. Learn how O365 can be complemented so that its full value can be realized when it comes to external file sharing and content collaboration.

Podcast - What Is Your Microsoft O365 Data Protection Strategy?

A Discussion with Nick Stamos, e-Share CEO, Mitchell Greenfield, Humana's Director of Core Security Architecture, and George Rettas, TaskForce 7 CEO
When enterprises move from a no-cloud to a cloud-first model, they quickly experience security problems with externally sharing files and collaborating with clients, partners, and other third parties. Since nearly everyone has adopted cloud-based collaboration and sharing tools in some form like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint Online, securing these tools and extending them to support external collaboration efforts has become a top-of-mind issue. Listen to the Founder and CEO of E-Share Nicholas Stamos and the Director of Core Security Architecture for Humana Mitchell Greenfield explain how you can secure your data in your transition to cloud based collaboration tools right here on Episode #156 of Task Force 7 Radio.

Fireside Chat - With Tomas Maldonado, CISO with National Football League

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