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Success Stories

Medicare Advantage Health Insurer transformation via Secure Email

Massive global changes are shifting the way people live and work — requiring organizations to rethink their teams, processes, technologies and how they engage their clients to stay competitive.

For some, this rethinking occurs through a digital transformation process that principally means “we’re moving to the cloud”. But for other organizations, including a leading US healthcare insurer, the needed transformation necessarily required a change in the underlying operating model for the business.

For this healthcare insurer the transformation began by launching a new line of business that places their members at the center of their operations, with dedicated Care Coordination teams providing personalized services to members.

Among the associated process changes was an expanded role for email in improving communications with members and the healthcare providers who service members.

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U.S. Government Agency

...VDR for sharing case files with DOJ

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) of a large US Government Agency had been using BlackBerry Workspaces (formerly WatchDox) for sharing evidence and case files with the Department of Justice, local law enforcement and other stakeholders to OIG’s investigations. A new solution was needed to address mounting issues with ease of use and reliability.

More specifically, OIG wanted to share files that were increasingly being stored in OneDrive and SharePoint Online without copying them and creating data management challenges. The goal being to increase user productivity and extract a greater ROI from OIG’s investment in Office 365. OIG also needed to assure that its file sharing solution would not be systemicaly blocked by DOJ and other highly-secure organizations that routinely block links to files stored in WatchDox, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and even OneDrive and SharePoint Online.

After a thorough investigation, e-Share was selected and subsequently fully rollout within a six-week period.

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Alternative Asset Manager

...investor engagement analytics & document protection

Alternative asset management firms must deliver accurate, timely and professional statements to their investors in order to build trust and provide the transparency that investors require. Many of these firms have deployed investment management platforms with deal management, fundraising, and investor accounting and reporting capabilities to centralize and automate its operations.

However, the investor reporting capabilities of these platforms are lacking when it comes to tracking prospective investor engagement with emailed marketing materials and the ability to appropriately secure statements emailed to current investors.

To close this gap, a global alternative asset manager has deployed e-Share to complement its existing use of Dynamo Software. Dynamo is used to create personalized investor communications via a Dynamo-supplied Mail Merge Wizard. Most of these emailed communications contain one or more documents.

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Multi-National Pharma

...securing their emerging market growth

The normal tension between facilitating work and securing data is significantly increased when executives or other employees travel to, or operate within, emerging markets. In these instances, local governments may control infrastructure through which intellectual property theft could be facilitated or malware could be distributed.

Many e-Share clients are specifically using e-Share to secure files shared with in-market vendors. This ranges from procurement sending RFPs to prospective suppliers, financials shared with auditors, and employee data shared with payroll providers.

Key to this use case is the ability to share information, without giving data away (e.g. online viewing and editing, with no right to download). Also important is the reliability of the links to shared files…i.e. there is no link blocking, even by the Great Firewall of China.

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Leading Health Insurer

...workflow automation is saving $450,000 per year

The insurance industry handles an extraordinary amount sensitive information. Not only do they face fines for data breaches, but also disruption of the complex processes required to provide coverage. At the same time, they are in constant collaboration with outside partners – providers of specialty services, private individuals and government regulators – and virtually all of the information exchanged has PII or PHI in it.

A leading insurer solved both challenges by deploying e-Share. Partners, who are not employees, upload sensitive information about new accounts, through Trusted Shares.

This automation is saving the customer $450,000 per year in labor costs, increasing the quality of its regulatory reporting and providing a better overall experience for the external partner.

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Global Multi-Brand Retailer

...file transfer in/out of China with no disruptions

Many retailers operate in a global marketplace that is locally regulated. Their branded products must be developed and produced at lightning speed and their supply chains flexibly adapt to design and manufacturing changes as they occur. To achieve all this, data must flow smoothly to partners throughout the world, without compromising the information assets that ultimately provide time-to-market and exclusivity advantages.

A global retailer recently deployed e-Share to securely transfer manufacturing and media files in and out of China, a region well known to block file sharing services such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

They also determined that e-Share provided the necessary security for responding to consumer Subject Action Requests pursuant to their new rights under GDPR, without triggering further GDPR compliance exposure.

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Large Asset Manager

...external file sharing with fine-grained controls

Shortly after settling on a “no cloud” strategy, one of the world’s largest asset managers was required to disclose details of its trading algorithms to a regulator to create an innovative new product offering. None of the legacy data sharing products the asset manager had available were acceptable: the regulator wouldn’t allow plug-ins or agree to meet software version requirements, the data exchange needed to be fully auditable by both parties, and the sharing needed to be 100% revocable on demand.

Following a thorough evaluation of potential solutions, the company selected e-Share to enable and secure the information exchange, deeming it the only solution in the market that allowed their users to share sensitive information using fine-grained controls from directly inside their existing email and collaboration tools.

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