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Use Cases

Individually powerful, together compelling
"Link-based email attachments has diminished long standing concerns around file sharing via email. We can now stop fighting the muscle memory our users have built up around email."
Global Head of Security Operations
"e-Share has allowed us to more easily establish our suppliers as trusted 3rd party, especially within emerging markets, such as China."
"File sharing has been a hot mess, as we’ve been good at adding capabilities, but not taking them away. You’ve allowed us to shut down point solutions and migrate our file sharing to O365."
Global Head, Digital & Business Technology

Ad-Hoc File Sharing with External Parties

This is the core use case for e-Share…users sharing sensitive files with outside parties as part of their day-to-day activities, using the O365 they are already familiar with. Files can be securely shared directly from OneDrive and SharePoint Online (no copying of files), as email attachments, from within Teams, or directly from the Office Apps used to create new content. All sharing is done using org-defined sharing policies and AIP sensitivity labels.

Secure Email for Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customer Experience (CX) is top of mind for our clients, who recognize the important role secure email can play in improving customer satisfaction and streamlining client relations. e-Share’s flexible and “modern collaboration” approach to secure email addresses the adoption and ease-of-use issues that have plagued traditional approaches to secure email.

Virtual Data Rooms

Nearly all of our clients have implemented branded VDRs for sharing content with advisory firms, partners, suppliers and clients. Key to this use case is the ability of the business to self-serve their VDR needs. e-Share presents a branded UX to VDR participants, with a rich set of features…e.g. Secure Conversations. Internal users can access the VDR via the Teams & SharePoint UX. All files are stored in SharePoint.

Digital Transformation of File-based Workflows

Clients are using e-Share to automate the delivery, collection and validation of files to streamline workflows. Examples include pay stubs sent to employees from Oracle, distribution of SAP reports to retail store managers, and the collection and validation of healthcare provider “rosters”. This is all achieved via a mix of code-less integrations (e.g. SMTP mail routing), a REST API, and built-in data validation capabilities.

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