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Multi-National Pharma


The normal tension between facilitating work and securing data is significantly increased when executives or other employees travel to, or operate within, emerging markets. In these instances, local governments may control infrastructure through which intellectual property theft could be facilitated or malware could be distributed.

A large, multi-national pharmaceutical company has a broad, C-level backed initiative to develop enhanced security controls that will securely enable the business to collaborate and operate in emerging market geographies. China and Russia are the starting points given their importance to the company’s growth and the heightened level of cyber threats that exist.

This initiative has several components, including improved security operations that moves the organization towards a zero-trust architecture and a new secure travel process to prevent data loss when employees travel to emerging market geographies. Another, and the focus of this success story, is the secure sharing…

Success Stories- Front image - Multi-National Pharma
Multi-National Pharma Success Story

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