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U.S. Government Agency


The Office of Inspector General (OIG) of a large US Government Agency had been using BlackBerry Workspaces (formerly WatchDox) for sharing evidence and case files with the Department of Justice, local law enforcement and other stakeholders to OIG’s investigations. A new solution was sought to address mounting issues with ease of use and reliability.

More specifically, OIG wanted to share files that were increasingly being stored in OneDrive and SharePoint Online without copying them and creating data management challenges. The goal being to increase user productivity and extract a greater ROI from OIG’s investment in Office 365. OIG also needed to assure that its file sharing solution would not be systemicaly blocked by DOJ and other highly-secure organizations that routinely block links to files stored in WatchDox, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and even OneDrive and SharePoint Online.

OIG selected e-Share because it delivered the following features that were not available…

Success Stories- Front image - U.S. Goverment Agency
U.S. Government Agency Success Story

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